Winx Helps Raise Awareness of Jersey Day

Source: Chris Roots – SMH / Brisbane Times Ⓜ️

Winx’s trainer Chris Waller was so touched when he heard the story of Nathan Gremmo, he wanted to be involved with Jersey Day.

But there is a reason much closer to home for the champion mare – on an 18-race winning streak – to be used to promote Friday’s charity event.

Winx is the favourite horse of Waller stablehand Maddison Howland, who is waiting for a kidney transplant. The 21-year-old works part-time, often having dialysis in the morning before heading to the stable in the afternoon.

“I used to work full-time, but I have had to cut back,” she said. “I’m waiting to see if a kidney comes up as a match and I’m waiting on seeing a doctor at the moment.

“It is something people don’t realise – this means so much to different people.”

Jersey Day, which raises awareness of organ and tissue donation, was started in memory of 13-year-old Gremmo, who died after being hit by a car. Six of Gremmo’s organs went to people in need.

Waller had a rug made for Winx to support the cause. People are encouraged to wear a football jumper on Friday.

However, it is in his own stable where the champion trainer saw the reality of what organ donation can mean.

“You get the chances to support charities and this is one that touched me when I heard the story of Nathan,” Waller said. “We have Maddison working for us and she needs a kidney and is waiting to see if a donator will come up.

“It means so much to these people. This was something we could do to help with Jersey Day.”

Winx has been made a $1.06 favourite as she shoots for 19 consecutive wins in the Chelmsford Stakes at Randwick on Saturday.

She will wear earmuffs in the race for the first time in an attempt to focus her after she blew the start in her heart-stopping return win in the Warwick Stakes a fortnight ago.

It has not stopped one punter stepping in and having $63,000 at $1.06 with TAB fixed odds.