Most Talked About People 2017 #8: Winx

Source: Farrah Plummer – The New Daily //

What didn’t Winx win in 2017?
Hammering home with Hugh Bowman aboard in signature blue and white silks, she claimed her third Cox Plate victory in October. She pushed her winnings to $15,627,925. And she won the hearts of hardened punters, weekend tipsters and kids all over the country, who love the six-year-old bay mare’s come-from-behind style and back story. Bought for $230,000, she won her first three starts then struggled before becoming the leading Australian money earner in racing history. As for what’s next, “I feel she will continue to race at a very high level,” her trainer Chris Waller tells The New Daily, fielding questions about his beloved horse. “We never take it for granted, but if we continue to win a little longer it will certainly continue to be an amazing story so far.”

What do people love about Winx?
She’s a genuine Aussie battler type horse. She’s been a great return to the racegoers who just like to see a horse winning, especially coming behind as she does with many of her races.

Is Winx a once-in-a-lifetime horse?
She certainly is and we don’t take her for granted. We’ve been blessed to be associated with a champion.

What is a surprising thing about Winx that fans may not know?
She’s a delicate horse around the stables. There may be children who come to the stable or people who are not familiar with horses, and she adapts to them very quickly. That was very noticeable when winning the Cox Plate when two or three days prior she was out at the farm with some children feeding her carrots and patting her. She looked like a kids’ pony and that’s how she adapts to all situations.

What was Winx’s greatest struggle this year?
I guess like all sports, horses or people, the thing with training is that as they get a little bit older, it is harder. But fortunately she’s in good shape. Her legs are good, so nothing out of the ordinary. In some of her races she had to overcome obstacles, like missing the start by five lengths, overcoming being in an impossible winning position and still winning with ease.

What does Winx do in her downtime?
Winx has two holidays a year, consisting of four to six week breaks after the spring and autumn campaigns. This is something that we’ve followed throughout her career. This has certainly been a big help to her longevity. So from those holidays as we aim towards the peak races she has a pretty strict routine of a good diet, regular and well monitored exercise as well as one day off every Sunday. We try to keep the horses as happy as we possibly can and I feel that gives all horses the opportunity to do their work and enjoy being looked after in the best possible way.

What are three words that best describe Winx?
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